Hello everyone! I hope all you beautiful people are doing well. We’re all aware about the present situation, the on-going pandemic that ensured that we changed our way of life and adapted to the new normal. However, the one not-so-new thing it brought to us in abundance is stress. The new scenario has brought drastic changes in our lives and has pushed many of us into stressing over things on a daily basis. Now, does it have a solution? Maybe not, but there are definitely better ways to handle it. We can all work towards handling our stress in day to day life and make sure we have it under control. The best part about stress management is that it requires only a few changes in our lifestyle.

Let’s look into some of these changes and conquer stress:

1. Exercise: One of the best ways to handle stress in day-to-day life is to work on our body and engage in exercises.

Exercise is an effective tool because when we work out, endorphins are

released which make us feel high on energy, as well as pleasant. It promotes well-being as it

leaves us with a sense of calm and helps us continue with our day with enthusiasm. The best

part is, even a duration of 15-20 mins of exercise per day can make us feel better and stress

free. Therefore, one doesn’t have to be an expert to start working out. This can also be

achieved by playing some sport, dancing or any other physical workout or activity.

2. Meditation: Meditation is another powerful tool that has proven over the years to be a great companion to better handle stress.

It constitutes of the simple act of concentration and

focusing on the present moment. Meditation helps our mind feel relaxed, which, in turn,

releases the stress and helps our body feel lighter, leading to reduction of the physical toll

caused by stress. In short, it rejuvenates our system, leaving us calm and connected to the

moment. Even a modest amount of 5-7 minutes of practicing meditation a day can work


3. Eating habits: Eating clean and healthy is an effective and essential lifestyle change. While

consuming healthy food, it is also necessary we eat a sufficient amount of food.

A balanced diet works best. Adequate amount of different nutrition, including vitamins and proteins are important elements for brain health. Therefore, eating on time and eating right is highly important for stress reduction.

4. Sleep: Even though sleeping seems far-fetched when we are stressed, sticking to all of the

above will boost our sleep cycle.

However, just feeling sleepy is not enough, we must work on our sleeping habits so that we get adequate amount of the same. 7-8 hours of sleep is considered best for brain and body health. Good sleep routine helps in restoration of the body and also enhances regulation of mood. Thus, it leaves the mind and body well rested and gives a fresh start to the day.

5. Recreational Activities: These are activities that we do for fun. It could be anything that

brings us joy. It could be painting, watching our favourite series, reading a book, cleaning and rearranging our room, cooking, etc. The idea is to gain a sense of happiness while we are at it.

Giving even 30 minutes a day to this can leave a good impact on us, thus, adding to reduction

of stress.

Therefore, we notice how little changes in our lifestyle can help us deal better with stress. The best part is these adjustments do not require a lot of time and are the basic things we do every day. The idea is to incorporate these small changes in our daily routine and defeat stress. Hope this helps.

Thank you for reading.


Debanjana Rajak

Master's in Clinical Psychology

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