The Benefits of Counseling for Teenagers

benefits of counseling for teenagers

Probably one of the most challenging times for both parents and kids is the time when children become teenagers. This is the period when everything changes, which can be quite problematic even for families who haven’t had any problems before. Teenagers go through social, emotional, and physical changes and that’s quite overwhelming. For that reason, having someone understanding outside your family you can talk to can be very valuable. Let’s talk about the benefits of counseling for teenagers, and see if you can help your, child, this way.

About challenges in teen years

When they reach the teen years, kids start dealing with various emotional and physical changes, that often can be quite problematic for both teens and their parents. Kids start exploring more of the world around them, going through new experiences, and making fresh social interactions. All these new life events and hormonal changes make teenagers vulnerable, which is why consulting can be of great help. Teens go through problems such as anxiety, depression, social pressure, sexuality issues, communication problems, bullying, etc. That’s why parents should understand the benefits of counseling for teenagers and encourage them to feel better.

a teenage girl

The age of transition from a child to an adult is sweet, yet very challenging. Alt.tag: a teenage girl

The main benefits of counseling for teenagers

Overcoming a stressful life event can be less traumatic

As we mentioned, teens become vulnerable once they reach this age, which is why some stressful events can be a lot more traumatic for them. Counseling can help them deal with emotions after events such as the divorce of their parents, the death of a loved person, breakups, etc. Talking to someone objective who has a lot of experience with such issues can be of great help. Therapists can teach teens the best methods of dealing with emotions such as anger, sadness, etc. This can result in overcoming a trauma much faster, making this period less stressful for everyone included.

Learning how to function in the new world

The teen age is certainly challenging in terms of new social interactions and emotional experiences. Some teenagers have troubles functioning in this new world, so counseling can be quite helpful here. Learning how to interact with more adults in their environment and other teenagers, but also how to deal with rejections is one of the benefits of counseling for teenagers. Teenagers are quite sensitive to such situations, which is why counseling can be a great idea.

Anger management

Strong emotions and anger are common when you’re teenager. However, this can lead to additional problems in school, with siblings and parents, etc. Therapy can help with controlling angry emotions, but also discovering the source of those emotions and looking into those issues.

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It’s not easy to control emotions when you’re a teenagers. Alt.tag:a girl sitting in a library studying benefits of counseling for teenagers

Safety and trust

Even though their parents love them the most, teenagers don’t feel comfortable talking to them about their emotions, school problems, etc. That’s why a professional therapist can be a safe place for them to share. This can be very helpful in discovering any potential mental issues, and therefore making sure it’s easier to fix them. As they have someone to

listen to, teenagers can feel more comfortable and fulfill the need to be understood.

Understanding sexuality

It’s not unusual for teenagers to struggle with sexuality. This is the age when they start exploring it, engaging in love and sexual connections, which can lead to many insecurities. A therapist can help them sort out their gender role issues, sexual identity, relationships, and more.

Sometimes, early pregnancies can happen at teen age, making teenagers question whether they should keep the child. Parents can be pretty subjective with this, and very often not so supportive. Talking to a professional whom they can trust will assist with making the right decision and feeling good about it.

Adapting to a new environment

Getting used to a new home and moving house is one of the main stressful situations in the life of both children and parents. Being already vulnerable to changes, teenagers can experience this life even stronger. Adapting to the new school, finding new friends, and getting used to a new home can be quite overwhelming. Some of them become shy, have trouble meeting new people, become less successful in school, etc. Even though kids’ feelings regarding the move are often discredited and understated in the moving process, they can be quite strong and disrupt their routines and emotions.

For that reason, counseling can be very helpful for teenagers who have moved house recently. Talking about these new experiences and learning how to act will ensure they feel comfortable and at ease with all the changes that are coming their way.

Parents can be helpful with the moving situation. They can start planning this even in advance to ensure a smooth moving process. More importantly, they should talk to their teenagers and make sure they are aware of all the changes, reasons for it, etc. Including them in the preparation process can also be beneficial for accepting a new environment and taking a more positive attitude.

benefits of counseling for teenagers

Listening, understanding and trust are the main benefits of counseling for teenagers. Alt.tag benefits of counseling for teenagers

The teen age is tough for parents, too.

Teenagers are not the only ones who could benefit from counseling. Their parents also need instructions and understanding conversation during this time. Watching your child transform into an adult can be tough, and many parents don’t know how to handle all the changes. Many of them believe that being tough is the answer, while others get too sensitive and miss the whole point. Talking to a professional specialist can indeed make this period easier for everyone in the family. It’s just important to have patience, stay understanding, and reach out to someone with more experience with the teen age. Then, you’ll ensure both you and your teenager feel good and enjoy family time without any issues.


Author’s bio: Senna Maurey is a teacher and child therapist. She enjoys spending time with kids and teenagers, interacting in both serious and fun lessons. Having three kids herseslf, she has experience with different child behaviors and ways to deal with them.

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