Some seeds of hope bloom

On the morbidest of mornings,

Some measure of calm finds us

On the stormiest of nights.

The loud chaos that surround us

May not enough

To drown out the noise

Of the memories of wars

(¿Or the wars of memories?)

Waging and ravaging

Inside of our heads

And in a country of soldiers & fallen bodies,

Today, one is mine,

Tomorrow, another might be yours,

Lying amidst these bullet-grazen cities

Bleeding out ounces of humanity

Onto the streets.

Let us stop this pain in its tracks

And not allow it to get there

Let us accept the fact

That kindness is indeed an option,

That faith makes tomorrow a little brighter,

And peace brings us all a little closer.

- Akshada

#internationaldayofpeace #unity #peace #weareallinthistogether #community #kindness #compassion #mentalhealthawareness #wellbeing

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