Insight on Fashion Psychology

We all are well aware about the terminologies of the fashion world like styling, color palettes, body image styling, even colour psychology has gained popularity in the recent decade, but off-lately a new science linking the behaviour and personality traits of a person linking to the appearance and styling namely fashion psychology as an independent functional field with over 2000+ working professionals as fashion psychologist are getting this back on the trend charts.

The most fascinating part about this science is that we have been using it all the time unconsciously. Yes! You head me right, remember the times when we wanted to make a decent impression in the interview or want to give an impression of being smart so hence wearing formals or just wearing frames to give a smart casual outfit the extra layer of nerd, or how wearing red lipsticks is usually associated with bold and sassy personality. So, it has always been around us and we just never knew what name to give it.

I’m going to give you an insight into simple tips and tricks which experts from the field from fashion psychology swear by to give the extra magical layer to your outfit selections after all, who wouldn’t want a powerful and a lasting first impression…

Firstly, when picking an outfit or styling one for yourself or someone else in case you’re a stylist, one most important tip to keep in mind is the mood and emotion’s “YOU ARE WHAT YOU WEAR” Psychologically, what you wear affects you. It will alter your mood deeply. It also affects how you are reacted to by others. And the visual effect produced by the cut and the fabric drastically changes your body's appearance. Your wardrobe, your love life and even your self-image will impact your work prospects.People who dress like the boss are more likely to be appointed and get promoted quicker. It is a proven fact, the human eye takes longer to travel across patterned fabrics, this makes the body appear larger. Choosing the right clothes can make a person less anxious and less depressed.

Secondly, pick an outfit according to what you want to portray yourself to be rather than focusing on only the occasions. Want to be seen as more formal? Dark colours are more formal–especially when it comes to black and grey shades. Clanky bracelets, wrap scarves or lots of accessories actually decrease your formality. If you want to be seen as more formal, simple accessories and clean lines are the best way to portray professionalism. Want to look more attractive? Don't wear anything that, mentally or emotionally, makes you uncomfortable. Think too much sticks something out? Everything is too tight? It's not worth it! Don't wear it!

Get the best assets highlighted. For your figure, find clothes to dress in. I like this women's guide. And this guide on how to dress men for their form of body, and of course with the right outfit selection comes right body language.

In conveying confidence and competence, body language is the secret. Says Michael Kors, an international designer. who has dressed hundreds of powerhouse females in industry for almost a decade. kors, eye for design and fashion is fine-tuned, best known for styling entrepreneur and internet characters. He swears by, that the right way to carry an outfit is the posture and pose of how well you flow with the garment. If you are in your best of outfits but have zero confidence in showing a slouched shoulder in that Instagram photo, it just won't work the charm.

Lastly, don’t forget to have fun, and use these little tricks to be who you desire to be or dress to impress, as it is rightly said with the right outfit one can conquer just anything you set your mind at.

So next time you have a dreamy date, or that presentation at work or you want to desperately crack that interview and impress everyone in the room, just keep the psychology behind selecting your outfit and voila! there you go winning your day.

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