5 tips for dealing with post moving depression

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New city, new job, new people - things that tend to excite all of us. However, once these initial feelings of joy and excitement pass, a lot of people start facing the so-called post moving depression. Many things can contribute to this type of depression - stress, anxiety, different fears, doubts, exhaustion, etc. If this is not your first time moving, you are probably already familiar with how, both physically and mentally draining, a relocation can be. And, all of that is normal.

However, what is not normal is for feelings of this kind to linger on for too long. In case you

find yourself in a situation of this kind, it wouldn't hurt to try some, or all, of the following five tips for dealing with post moving depression. Thus, keep on reading for some tips on how to get your life back on its happy feet.

1. Make Your New Home Feel Like a Home

All the negative feelings about your relocation might also result from not feeling welcome in

your new home. Believe it or not, but those walls you surround yourself with can turn the whole situation around. The boxes scattered all over your house, unfamiliar sites and smells, mess everywhere, etc., are things that will surely increase the amount of depression and stress in your day-to-day life. Thus, do not put off your settling-in process. Unpack the bags as soon as the movers bring them in. Buy furniture that makes you feel comfortable.

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If you feel nostalgic or home-sick, you can also try recreating some of

the rooms you had in your previous home. Also, do not forget to put up family photos, trip souvenirs, and other favorite memorabilia all over your house!

Start unpacking and surround yourself with happy thoughts and memories!

2. Make Sure You Have a Stress-Free Relocation

Of course, this second tip can be helpful only if you haven't moved yet. However, we will

mention it just in case you are reading this before your actual move. Namely, what happens

before and on a moving day can largely affect your actions and feeling after the relocation.

Do not overwork yourself, both physically and emotionally, during your move - your well-being should come first at all times. To ensure that happens, be sure you have your moving day is all planned out. Moreover, even before that, make sure that you start your moving process ahead of time and find the right people to help you out. That is the best way to have a stress-free relocation process and improve your odds of not getting post-relocation depression.

3. Meet Your Neighbors and Your Neighborhood

Another thing that can affect your life and mood after the move is your neighbors and your

neighborhood. If you do not know anybody nor have any place to go, the feeling of

loneliness will overwhelm you! Prevent that by meeting as many people as possible. Introduce yourself to people! You can do that by simply knocking on their doors and saying hi - as simple as that. Or, you can organize a friendly barbecue or another kind of a get-together - people always like those. Who knows, maybe you will meet some great people who will soon become your best friends. They may perhaps even help you unpack and settle in and thus reduce your stress when moving house too. 

Two people drinking coffee

And, when you are done meeting everybody, put on your walking shoes and get to know your neighborhood as well. The more you know your community and city, the less anxious, stressed and depressed you will be.

Invite your new neighbor for a cup of coffee - it will help you feel less lonely, and thus, less depressed.

4. Get in Touch with Your Old Friends

And speaking of loneliness, another thing that can severely contribute to it is missing people

from your previous home. If you have moved just around the corner, or even somewhere in the same city, seeing your friends again will not be a problem. However, if you have moved to

another state or somewhere across the ocean, that is a whole other story.

a woman FaceTiming with somebody, as a way to ease post moving depression

Just thinking about the fact that you cannot see your loved ones can trigger even the most severe cases of depression. Do not let that happen - take advantage of 21-century technology. Use apps like Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, etc., to schedule regular meet-ups with your family members, friends, neighbors, and colleagues from back home. Do not let distance stop you from communicating with people you love! 

If you miss somebody, call them now!

5. Consider Making Some Lifestyle Changes

Last but certainly not least tip for dealing with post moving depression is making some lifestyle changes. We know that doing this while trying to settle in and deal with overwhelming emotions is not easy. But, trust us, even the slightest lifestyle change can make a huge difference. To make things easier, you can try doing something you have always wanted. For instance, it can be something like doing yoga. We all know that yoga is excellent for your physical health, but did you know that yoga is also great for our mental health? But, it does not have to be yoga; it can be any sport or any hobby you have always wanted to take up.

Whatever you decide to go for, be sure that it will help you ease post moving depression. Just try to force yourself to get out, start doing something new, meet new people, and you will soon see how everything changes for the better. 


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Jenny Collins
Jenny Collins

Jenny Collins has been a fitness instructor for the

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