Expressing and talking to a professional helps a lot.

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The EWB counseling sessions are provided by mental health field professionals. It's challenging times and we are under stress, frustration and anxiety within our mind. So many issues in our daily life bother us and cause distress to us.The Emotional Well-being MHS is an empathetic, non judgmental platform where you can open up and just talk what stresses you out because at some point we all need a little help and a tiny push towards positivity and well being.  We believe that mental health balance is a basic right to every individual and our aim is to provide this basic service to all those in need and want to reach out. Hence, we established a platform that is easily accessible to all. Anyone and everyone can approach no matter their age. Our tag line "We are here for you" covers it all. We do our part by spreading awareness, tips and tools to induce a better lifestyle and well being among all. Our social media pages on various platforms like Facebook and Instagram do have loads of information and knowledge on various mental health topics. Our Psychologists help individuals develop positive attitudes towards life’s complex and challenging circumstances. Contact us today and let us help you find the best in yourself.

Why us?

We provide online Counseling that helps you cope and deal with the situation you're going through. We work towards building these skills that are suitable for you to overcome the obstacles and issues you're facing. Our focus is always on long term effect of the sessions so that you are well equipped to deal with them on your own in future. 

We provide Counseling for













Sadness/ low motivation


Relationship/ Marital



Exam and Academics

Reviews & Feedback

What Our Clients Are Saying

Hello Team, 

First of all, thank you for being such considerate beings. It's such a thoughtful initiative and undertaken so nicely in a planned manner. 
I am really grateful to have been blessed with a such a patient listener in my time of need. Sometimes, that's what a person really needs. 
I was in need of a push to face my life and that's what I got.

Thank you so much once again. God bless all of you :)

You gave me the ray of hope
The way people say it, sometimes you don't know how much you can make a difference in some one's life
 I caught the light and I'm out of my darkness

It has been a great experience with the counseling sessions I'm currently taking. There have been so many positive changes in me. i'm able to be more productive, self confidence in me has increased a lot. I couldn't be more thankful to Emotional well-Being. I would recommend them any day.

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