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Emotional Well-being initially started as a student run organization which believes in helping the ones in need to reach out and talk about their mental health issues and motivating people towards betterment. The Helpline was established during the COVID-19 Pandemic which led to the lockdown all over the world. We started with the idea of providing a free platform with a dedicated and empathetic ear. The pandemic caused a lot of feelings of uncertainty, lack of motivation, stress and other wide range of mental health issues. Under proper training and guidance from experienced mental health field professionals the helpline was established and is being run.

We, at Emotional Well-Being believe that being healthy is everyone's right and that includes mental health as well. As the saying goes "HEALTHY MIND, HEALTHY BODY" , We aim at catering a holistic approach where we feel that everyone at some point needs a push or a ray of hope to carry out different phases and the walks of life. Hence our tagline says,



We are a nonjudgmental, empathetic space  for anyone and everyone in need even if it's simply to just be your real self and most importantly when you want to feel heard, as, sometimes even though you carry the burden of the world on your shoulders pretty amazingly, we are just there for you always to lend you a helping hand.

Our approach has broadened over the time, and our organization is now also working towards a larger goal of spreading  mental health awareness and making mental health services easily accessible to everyone. We are trying to reduce the stigma around mental health and eliminating all the common myths.

Currently we are working towards raising awareness, encouraging acceptance, making it easier to access help and facilitate intervention. We conduct various webinars and workshops which are helpful for everyone. Some specific topics are conducted keeping in mind the psychology students too. Our initiative is highly widespread and is available on online platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. We act as guides, and friends to those who choose to contact us. Our aim is to help the people in their struggles and offer them a helping hand in order to help them live a better life.

We have a dedicated and empathetic team working to help you and here for you whenever you need us. We have professional Counsellors and Psychologists on-board.

Our individual consultation services help you get proper help from field professionals and it is uniquely tailored for each client, suitable to their needs. We are here for you whenever you want someone to be there for you. Feel free to get in touch with us for counselling sessions. Let's work together for making our own life more better and peaceful.


At the end of the day, we all need a little love, acceptance, encouragement, positive vibes, and feel heard; and “WE ARE HERE FOR YOU, Always.”


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Ruta Mhapankar

Ruta is a mental health advocate, paw parent, ardent stationery hoarder and above all, a passionate human. She has completed her Master’s in Clinical Psychology from Savitribai Phule Pune University. She co-founded this organization with a vision to provide a pillar of support to those struggling, by simply letting them know they’re not alone. She hopes to reach more people and help them lead their lives with more meaning, balance and hope.


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Stuti Kumar

(BA/MA clinical Psychology, )
About me?
Coffee, fries and all things wise 
Passionate soul with a knack and curiosity for learning new things
Her aim for this organization is to spread mental health awareness for anyone and everyone in need !!





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